Earth Day Actions

When you start taking a  hard look at plastics, it often leads you in new and unexpected directions. For instance, you may start wondering about packaging. You stand there with quartet of cucumbers nestled on a plastic tray, cocooned in triple layers of plastic wrap, emblazoned with plastic stickers and think  — is all this packaging really necessary?  Well, it may be if those cucumbers came from half a world away.

A third of all plastic produced goes into packaging. And one reason for that staggering fact  is that so much of our food is transported from far-off locales. Want to avoid that plastic? You may have to avoid those cucumbers grown in Chile and opt for the unwrapped,locally-grown ones at the farmer’s market. To be more sustainable in how you use plastic, you need to be more sustainable in the food choices you make.

And that’s the idea behind an earth day celebration The Nature Conservancy is sponsoring: Picnic for the Planet. Visit their website to host a Picnic, find one in your area or simply learn five easy ways to eat more sustainably.


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